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Project 01

Electrolube - Global Electro-chemicals Specialist

 Electrolube is understated but mighty. That's why we enjoy working with them so much. They are the engine room, constantly curious and  innovating where others can't and they are so prevalent in all of our daily lives and yet they enjoy what they do without a standing ovation-which they entirely deserve. With a legacy spanning 8 decades and winners of the Queen's Award for Enterprise, these guys are the innovators that make electronics last longer, in consumer, automotive and industrial devices. They are the reason why the overhead light in an aeroplane isn't hot to touch, they are the reason why electronics don't overheat during use, they are the reason why your car starts first time every time and why your vehicle sensors never fail. They are pretty much under the bonnet of every major global automotive manufacturer. Our remit is to keep Electrolube up front and centre in the global electronics media, which we have successfully maintained for the last 10 years, with a consistent flow of news, articles, tips and columns. The company has grown exponentially with manufacturing facilities in China and India. There isn't a corner of the world they can't reach.

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Internet of Things

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